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You will receive appropriate offers for accomodation by return and
  • we are pleased to arrange for you to view chosen properties,
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Of course a commission is only due in case of successful completion of the contract.
  • In case of leasing the commission may amount to between 0.3 and 1.5 of the month's rent plus VAT, depending on the rental period and the effective rental and utilisation time.
  • In case of purchase of real estate the commission amounts to 3.57 % of the purchase price including VAT. Please pay attention to the following General terms and conditions.
Your requests: What is important to you when searching for accomodation?
Where? — e.g. in which town? ... Which quarters may be considered? ... Which location? ... Where have you got to go for work?
What? — e.g. light flat with 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom with bathtub, balcony, laminated floor, in the attic, conveniently sited ... or detached house, with garage and garden, quietly sited ... or furnished room with bathroom of one's own
When? — e.g. when ready for occupancy? ... in case of "temporary leasing": free from, until? ... When have you got time to view the accomodation?
Searching for another person
In case you are not looking for living space for yourself or in case you are looking for appropriate living space for another person, please fill in with whom or for whom you are searching.
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The applicant authorizes FLATmix, according to the following general terms and conditions and unless otherwise agreed in written, to give proof of the opportunity to conclude a tenancy agreement and a contract of sale for property.
General terms and conditions of the company FLATmix GmbH & Co. KG (in the following referred to as FLATmix)

1. In performance of the contract the applicant will receive updated offers of tenderers which were previously unknown to him/her. This may also be proved by telephone, fax or e-mail. All information the proposals contain about the property is provided by the respective tenderer or third parties. In spite of all care no liability can be accepted for incorrectness or incompleteness.

2. The offers are confidential and intended for the applicant only. Passing on of offers to third parties requires consent of FLATmix. The primal applicant remains to be the invoice recipient. Should the applicant already have knowledge of an offer he or she has to inform FLATmix immediately and provide proof of it. FLATmix is entitled of being commissionable for the tenderer as well.

3. The finalisation of an agreement (verbal/written/notarial) for one of the offers submitted to the applicant or of an agreement with one of the acquainted tenderers has immediately got to be reported to FLATmix. In case a written tenancy agreement has been made FLATmix is directly to be provided with a single copy. According to our commission rates agreed upon the applicant is obliged to settle the commission fee in case of alternative deals as well as in case of subsequent deals. E.g., in case a tenderer announced by FLATmix and related to FLATmix' action gives the applicant the opportunity to conclude another agreement and this agreement is made, an alternative deal is on hand. As well, with respect to FLATmix having given proof of the tenderer's details, an alternative deal is existent in case the applicant concludes a contract with a legal successor of the tenderer or in case he or she acquires the property by purchase instead of renting it. A subsequent deal is on hand, e.g. in case the applicant acquires the property by purchase at a later date resulting from FLATmix having given proof of the tenderer's details. An additional commision is inapplicable in case the subsequent deal is agreed upon more than three years after the tenancy agreement has been made.

4. The commission claim is due and earned as soon as an agreement (verbal/written/notarial) has been made owing proof by FLATmix. With regard to the conclusion of a contract concurrent causation is sufficent for the arising commission claim. When leasing the commission fee amounts to 1.5 month's rent plus VAT (1.785 month's rent with VAT). Unless the landlord/landlady has already separately declared additional charges, basis of calculation is the all inclusive rent. Later modifications of the rent have no influence on the basis of calculation of the affair agreed upon. In case the landlord/landlady has provided FLATmix with his/her offer for a rental period of less than nine months, the applicant is searching for accomodation for a rental period of less than nine months, and the effective rental period is shorter than/up to nine months, the commission fee is explicitly calculated in consideration of the terms mentioned under point 5 according to the opposite commission scale.

Commission Table
Upon a rental period (see point 4, General Terms & Conditions) of
plus VATwith VAT plus VATwith VAT
up to 1 month 30 %35.70 % up to 6 months 105 %124.95 %
up to 2 months 45 %53.55 % up to 7 months 120 %142.80 %
up to 3 months 60 %71.40 % up to 8 months 135 %160.65 %
up to 4 months 75 %89.25 % up to 9 months 150 %178.50 %
up to 5 months 90 %107.10 % more than 9 months 150 %178.50 %

5. The commission scale indicated for tenancy agreements up to a rental period of nine months, which is voluntarily granted by FLATmix, marks partial payment dates of the commission fee. This scale does not apply and the full commission fee is due:
a) in case payment of the partial commission has not been settled within 14 days after the date of invoice or legal dunning proceedings have to be taken, or
b) in case the customer does not notify the conclusion of an agreement effected on behalf of FLATmix within two weeks after the contract has been concluded or after the real estate has been handed over indicating the rent and the intended rental period. The same applies for alternative affairs, or
c) in case the rental period continues and a resulting further accrued commission is concealed, or
d) in case of permanent tenancy agreements.

6. No claims can be made against FLATmix in the case of an early termination of a tenancy agreement. According to the original contract FLATmix is entitled to receive the full commission fee.

7. In case of purchase of real estate the commission amounts to 3,57 % including legal VAT of the purchase price of the property according to the act of sale.

8. In case FLATmix is entitled to a purchase commission resulting from a later purchase of property which was rented initially and of which FLATmix had given proof of, the already paid commission on the rent will be fully taken in account.

9. Supplementary agreements are required in written form; in order to be effective verbal or written promises have to be confirmed in written by FLATmix. In all other cases legal requirements apply.

Method of payment
by invoice/remittance
direct debit
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Your data will be handled confidentially and will not be passed on to unauthorised parties.
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