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Information about posting properties

  • Property agency service: Service is free of charge and without obligation for landlords. Our customers are mainly companies who look for accomodation for their employees or employees or students themselves who are looking for accomodation. All our customers fill in our application form, so that we are aware of their particulars, their employers and further required details.
  • Advertising: Noncommittal quoting of the property; when necessary landlords may consult us to learn from our experience. Us ourselves and our associated companies quote the property and present it on appropriate websites.
    Advertising is expensive - with our help, no expenses for landlords occur.
    In doing so your property is quoted anonymously, which means that each property has its own quotation number.
  • Viewing of the property: Regarding this service our office arranges for our customers to view your property. In this respect landlords may previously decide whether they are interested in seeing the customer or not. Your name, your telephone number and the address of the property is not passed on before having consulted you. Upon agreement we are pleased to take care of showing the property to our customers for you ourselves.
  • Tenancy agreement service: We are pleased to issue tenancy agreements for temporary or permanent renting free of charge and without obligation for you.

  • Inform us about amendments in the quotation (date of move-in, rental fee, additional charges, equipment etc.).
  • As far as your property has been rented please inform us immediately of the rental period and of the name of the tenant as soon as a tenancy agreement has been made or a tenancy agreement has been continued, so that we do not go on quoting your property.
  • In the event that you are temporarily not available please let us have the name of a confidential contact person in case we need information.
  • Inform us immediately in case any of our customers passes on your particulars to third parties and request him/her to contact our company.
  • As far as you are interested in us finding business clients for you please note: In case we have already found a tenant coming from a company for you and the same company would like to rent your property for further employees after the first one moves out, please ask the company to contact us. As these companies are bound by contract, we may request to inform us immediately about a new tenancy agreement and to issue this on behalf of the FLATmix GmbH & Co. KG.

Despite all diligence we may not assume liability for possible claims for replacement which may occur in the course of the tenancy. FLATmix GmbH & Co. KG exclusively acts as an agent.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to a good cooperation with pleasure,

best regards
FLATmix GmbH & Co. KG